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PVC Commercial Roofing System

PVC Roofing System

PVC like TPO is a single-ply low slope roofing system. When it comes to a commercial flat roofing solution PVC single-ply membrane provides high performance advantages.  The use of PVC as a premium commercial roofing system started in the 1960’s and has evolved over the decades into a dependable roofing solution that provides resilience to water penetration in a commercial or industrial building. By interweaving layers of fabric with the thermoplastic materials, a durable, long lasting roof membrane was created.  Nations Roofing has the skilled technicians to install PVC on your commercial or industrial roof.

With a PVC single-ply roofing membrane installed on your commercial roof by Nations Roofing, you can expect a faster application of the roofing product with better efficiency.  The membrane comes in rolls up to 10 ft in width by 100 ft long making it quick to install. The width and length of the rolls means there will be less seams that can allow water to permeate into the building.

PVC single-ply roofing is a product with extreme strength that prevents breaking and tearing both during the installation and when in practical use.  Even under the toughest Midwest weather conditions, it has proven its strength time and again.  PVC is durable enough to stand up against pooling water as well which can be an issue with many flat commercial roofs.

PVC roofing is an effective flat roofing system for restaurants that emit grease from vents onto the flat roof above.  PVC is resilient to the grease and wont breakdown like other flat roofing systems will.  PVC is also a good option for some industrial roofing systems that are exposed to chemicals.  PVC can be resistant to these chemicals where are other flat roofing systems would fail.

Nations Roofing is here to help you choose the best commercial roofing system.  If you have a leaky flat roof that needs to be repaired or you have a commercial or Industrial roof that needs to be replaced we can help.

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