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Commercial Roof Coatings

Roof Coatings

There are several different kinds of roof coating options and even more applications.  Whether you have an older modified bitumen roof or a metal roof, coatings can be a great cost effective and efficient system.  Roof coatings are typically installed on low slope or flat roofs.  Roof coatings are typically white.  This is because it makes the roof reflective  of UV rays which are extremely harsh in the summertime.  It costs more to cool a building than it does to heat a building. This typically is why in the Midwest and south regions it is a good idea to have a cool, reflective roof.  The savings on utilities are usually noticeable right away.

Does your roof need be torn off and replaced or can it be coated and last many more years?  This is a question  that has a few obvious factors.  Has your low slope roof been leaking? Is the insulation or the decking wet? Is the roof system on top deteriorated or buckling? Has your roof already been coated with an aluminum coating? These are all factors that can disqualify your roof from being coated.  A couple of really good options that we at Nations Roofing have experienced are if you have a built up roof system, Modified Bitumen, or metal roof.  These systems can begin to fail at the seams or at exposed fasteners.  After a good cleaning and prep they can be coated and restored for many years.  In fact metal roof restoration is what we call the coating of a metal roof.  These systems can be warrantied up to 20 years.

Acrylic coatings are a roof coating that is water based.  It is a good coating that is used for metal restoration as well as low slope roofs that have no ponding or standing water.  Because it is water based it will fail if water is ponding on it. Acrylics are great in that they can be cleaned and re-coated continually to provide a long lasting commercial roofing system.

Silicone coatings are typically a higher grade roof coating that can also stand up to ponding water on flat roofs.  This is a huge selling point because many flat roofs do pond water and this can be an issue with deterioration and leaking.  After the roof is cleaned and free of debris the silicone is installed.  Warranties of up to 20 years can be granted on silicone roofs.

Please give Nations Roofing a call if you are considering a roof coating system on your commercial roof or industrial roof.   As owners of commercial buildings ourselves, our goal is to offer a great roof solution at the most cost effective price.

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