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Insurance Claims

Storm damage to your roof needs immediate professional, reliable attention and repair. We are equipped to cover all of your roofing needs as well as work together with you and your insurance company through this process.

Insurance Claims

As a Class A General Contractor Nations Roofing and Construction can handle all of your home or buildings needs.  When an “Act of God” occurs, as Insurance carriers refer to it, there can be large loss claims especially with commercial or industrial buildings.  Nations Roofing and Construction can handle every step of the process from initial inspection to the final billing.  Here is a list of our typical steps in handling an insurance claim.

  • Initial inspection of damaged property.  Sometimes this means being there in the dark of night but we understand how valuable your property is.
  • Emergency repairs that are needed immediately to protect the property from further damage.  This can be as simple as tarping a roof or putting plywood over a window, but the value is tremendous in protecting your property.
  • Instructions on how to file a claim.  The policyholder is the only one who can file a claim
  • Meeting the adjuster on site.  This is a huge advantage for a property owner to have an experienced contractor as a 3rd party on site to walk the property and point out any damages as well as talk about current code issues that will need to be upgraded etc.
  • Restoring the property is the best part.  If we cant do the work we have quality sub-contractors that are able to handle all facets of repairing your property.  It is much easier as a property owner to deal with one contractor.
  • Supplementing and invoicing the insurance company.  Sometimes issues will arise or property damage that wasn’t noticed on the onset of a project arises while in the building phase.  We can do these repairs also and invoice for them at the end of the job while documenting everything along the way.

Let us know if you think you may have storm damage and we can come and inspect your home or building free of charge.

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