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Roof Inspection Services

Nations Roofing provides roofing inspection services for Kansas City and surrounding areas for residential and commercial properties. Even though many roof inspections end up being done on an as-needed basis, we recommend periodic roof inspection to help prevent small issues with the roofing system to turn into major repair or replacement projects. A proper roof maintenance plan which incorporates inspections can help:

  • Reduce roof leaks
  • Improve roof life
  • Reduce major roof damage that requires expensive repairs
  • Prevent mold growth
  • Identify the need for small repairs

Damaged Roof Inspection

Roof inspections are often requested when visible damage has occurred to a roof often resulting from hailstorms, strong winds, heavy snowfall or sleet, or in cases of commercial buildings heavy foot traffic can also be a contributing factor to roof damage.

At Nations Roofing we pride ourselves on providing accurate and detailed roofing inspection services and reports, enabling our customers to make the best decision regarding their roof system repair or maintenance needs.

Scheduled Roof Inspections

Scheduled roof inspections are often a way for commercial and industrial structures to maintain a healthy roof, and avoid costly repairs by fixing damaged areas before they turn into a major renovation or replacement project. Having regular inspections is highly recommend, especially for commercial and industrial buildings as the warranty on some roofing systems require regular inspections.

Nations Roofing offers expert roof inspection services for existing roofs as well as its own installations, to ensure the longest life possible for your roofing system. Contact us to learn more and benefit from our over 10 years of experience.

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