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TPO Roofing Systems

TPO Roofing Systems

TPO roofing is a single ply thermoplastic membrane. It is installed in a single membrane and not multiple

layers. It can be used on residential, commercial and industrial flat roofing projects. Almost every time

you see a flat roofing project the white reflective material being laid is visible. This is typically a TPO

roofing system. It is a system that has been around for many decades and is a proven, cost effective low

slope roofing solution.

TPO roofing is a much cleaner product than many other asphalt roofing systems. Rather than having to

use large amounts of hot asphalt or using an open flame to torch down the roofing system our installers

have heat welders with small, closed flames that heat the seams and the details. Most flat roofs are

larger than the rolls the material comes in so this creates a seam that must be sealed when you adjoin

the sheets of membrane. When TPO roofing seams are welded they are as watertight and as strong as

the sheet itself. TPO roofing comes in rolls as big as 10 feet. This allows us to have fewer seams than

many other traditional roofing systems.

TPO roofing can be installed in many ways including fully adhered(glued) or mechanically

fastened(screwed down). Both of these applications have great wind uplift rating and have NDL(No

Dollar Limit) warranties available. The temperature at the time of installation, budget and other factors

such as the substrate it is being attached to will determine the application type.

When installing a TPO roofing system it is important to hire a professional contractor that is certified

with a proven manufacturer so that your roof will be warranted for many years to come. Commercial

roofs are always exposed to the elements and if it is a low slope roof the water/snow/ice does not shed

as quickly as a pitched roof. Not to mention wind gusts that can get into the triple digits. All these

factors can lead to disaster if there is faulty roofing material or installation.

TPO roofing membranes come in a variety of colors. Many commercial or industrial roofs are not highly

visible to pedestrians or occupants. In this case we almost always encourage our clients to use a white

TPO membrane. It is highly reflective of the suns UV rays and with a proper insulation system it can save

thousands annually in cooling costs. Tan and grey are two other popular colors but there are many

more to choose from.

TPO Roofing in many ways has taken over the market in commercial roofing for all the reasons above.

Unless we are able to repair a roof or restore it with a coating system TPO is our go to roofing system.

For us it is an economical and efficient way to see that a commercial or industrial building owner is

getting a great low slope roofing system for many years to come. Let us know if you have a roofing

concern and we will perform our no cost roof inspection.

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